We no longer see the internet as a means of communication, but as a way to change the nature of reality itself. Mind-warped, pixelated illusions replace our faith in information (The sprawl by Metahaven)

There is a tons of information on internet that has been croped, framed, cencored, manipulated and narrated. To persuade or agenda us throught lens of conqueror. In this reflective eassy, I am going to talk about propoganda thought my experiences.

The becoming of internet expands the boundery of receiving information in real time. One event that happend in country can be instantly known all ove the coundtry and the world. When the benefit is on the hand of conqueror or government. They can publish a information to pusuade and agenda the society even the information isn’t exactly the same in reality. These idea of propoganda also happen in Thailand.

Thai polictician blow the whistle about information operation which control others through fake information.

Origianal image
The image was erased to show the idea of manipulation

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