My journey to Ban Bath (Day:3)


On the second day of learning, I have done only one training which is hammering the seams. This task is difficult for the beginner and most students give up this task because it spends power and preciseness for hammering.

Before the process of hammering the seams, the monk bowl will be soaked in the tank of water mixed acid. To clean the black stain, which makes difficulty to do hammering, on the seams from a steel welding.

This is a special tool for hammering.
The crafter will sit over it.
The master told me that using the left hand and right back of the knee to handle the monk bowl.

The hammering process requires experience in forging the seams in the correct position, matching the circular corners at the top of the steel column.

Then, hammer it until the seams become the same texture. If using hand to touch, The texture will be smooth.

At the end of the day, I complete it but it not smooth on some point. Master told me that it was good for the first time.